Not just a supplier but your consultant for improving your business up to the top level.

We provide the customers with the best solutions, our selection includes all the furnishings the fine wines require: wine glasses, wine devices for professionals and collectors and wine solutions for storage.

We know the importance of the details, for this reason we take care of our customers offering a free consultancy of a professional studio of interior design to quote new projects, renovation or just a little lifting.


Our exclusive collection of glasses by ®Riedel, ®Nachtmann and ®Spiegelau that enhance the performance of the wines.

Wine devices

One of the most extraordinary invention that changes the way to serve the fine wines, thanks to ®Coravin it‘s now possible to open the most iconic wines just for one glass and then preserve them for days or weeks.


The storage is very important to preserve the wines in the optimal conditions as well as to guarantee the right temperature of serving.

The high quality products of ®Eurocave permit to choose modern or traditional solutions with style.